Thursday, January 12, 2017

Best Ways To Earn Money Writing Online

Write Articles on a Reputable Writing site like HubPages
 Free to join.
You write the articles on web pages provided by HubPages.
Payments: Once you are approved by Google Adsense and Amazon then you will share the advertising revenue with HubPages.
Your code is shown on the adverts on your articles 60% of the time. HubPages code the other 40%.
You get paid once a month and must meet the payment threshold. If not your earnings are kept over to the following month.
They are: $100 in USA, €70 Europe and £50 in UK

 Tips to earn money on this site:
 Articles should be at least 700 words but 1000 to 1500 are better
Use all the modules that are provided free to make your article stand out
Add a comments box, photos, videos, links or polls
At least 3 photos and 3 videos are recommended.
Before you start to write articles here go to the excellent free tutorials provided and learn the best way to write headings and other tips.  This will be well worth the time invested.
You get paid by Google Adsense when a reader clicks on one of the adverts on your article page.  They do not have to buy or join anything for you to be paid.
You get paid by Amazon when a reader clicks on an advert and buys a product.
For the first 9 sales it is 4%.  After that you get 6% but this excludes all electrical goods which stay at 4%.  

Write a Blog
 Free to create and set up. I use
It is so easy to write and set up.  It is also owned by Google and you get an advantage in the search results because of it. Payments:
You can add your Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate codes to your adverts here.  The adverts reflect what your blog is about so once you get readers then you have a targeted audience for the ads.
Because you are not using a writing site like HubPages, Squido etc you get to keep all the advertising revenue as your code is shown 100% of the time.

 Tips to earn money writing blogs:  

One blog for one subject you write about. This is so important.
You can create as many free blogs as you like so this is not a problem.
Spend time making the blog look professional by using the templates and other add ons available.
Keep the blog up to date and try to write a blog post at least 3 times a week but more if you can.

Write an eBook
This is free to create but does take time.
The best non fiction eBook to write is a ‘How to’ on anything subject.
The subject will depend on your knowledge and research capabilities.
I am writing a recipe eBook at the moment.
 Fiction eBooks take longer to earn money but there have been a few great successes notably the Fifty Shades of Grey series.  These books have earned the author millions of dollars and still are.  The first book started out as an eBook and then a monster was born lol.

You get paid for each eBook sold a certain percentage depending on which payment structure you use.

Tips to earn money writing eBooks online 
Research your subject if writing a non fiction book.
Use easy to understand step by step instructions.
If you promise to show how to do or make something then that is what you should do.
You will have a few near misses and may have spent hours writing on a subject you were sure would be popular and earn you money online.  If the first few eBooks do not sell well then do not give up.
Learn from it and carry on with the next one.

Follow the Terms and Conditions on each site
Follow the rules of each writing site or you will take the risk of being banned and lose your payments due.  The same applies to the affiliate programs of Google Adsense and Amazon.  Take the time to read the Terms and Conditions then you will be able to write online and earn money every month with confidence.

The best ways to earn money online for me is writing
Writing online to earn money can be done very successfully.  But if you want to earn a good steady income then you have to put in the work and be patient.

This is not a quick rich scheme.  So don’t get fed up after a few months writing online if you are not earning 100’s of dollars a month.
You can earn that much and more but you have to put in the work.  It does take time but once you have a good portfolio of articles and fiction online then you can earn from different types of writing on many sites.


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