Saturday, March 25, 2017

How To Write Articles Online

Ideas for Writing Articles Online

Write about your passion or hobby in short five hundred word articles.
If you are good at explaining how things work then write it down in an article.
Do you have a particular interest that you know lots about? Computers, dogs, recipes, gardening, household do-it-yourself, celebrities etc, the list is endless.

 Earn Money Writing Articles

The articles do not have to be too long. In fact most people looking for an answer on the internet do not have the time to read a long winded article on how to change a fuse, grow tomatoes or draw a tree etc.
What they would like is a short written explanation or answer and lots of photos and videos that gives them what they are looking for.


I would recommend where possible to take your own photos that would go with the article.
If you are writing about how to grow tomatoes in a container and you can show that you have in fact done this successfully yourself you will keep the reader on your page.

By uploading your own photos the reader will believe you know exactly what you are talking about by seeing the successful outcome for themselves by looking at your photos.

Earn Money Online

Why not have a go and write an article today.

Friday, March 24, 2017

How To Write a Best Selling EBook

How To Sell your EBook Online
Writing Online To Earn Money from Home

You may be asking “What if I don’t have the mind of a techie?” You can still write your winner e-book and start earning in a few weeks. Start by solving your readers’ problems using your expert knowledge. You know the articles and reports already in your files. Expand one of your articles or speeches into a short book by adding a short story or some practical how-to steps.
If you want to increase your present book income or just get started now, read these ten secrets and apply them:

1. Ebook Secret One. Write a short e-book first to test your market. I know short doesn’t mean the same thing to every person. For e-books, let’s agree 10-90 pages is short, even 5-27 sounds less intimidating. Your future customers are busy and usually download only the pages they want at the time.

Make your e-book simpler, shorter, and punchier than your print book. Shorten your sentences, stories and analogies. Your winner format will include a strong heading (question) your reader needs answered and the answer. This winner formula presents the problem and solution quickly without a lot of words.

2. EbookSecret Two. Focus on one topic in your book. It’s a known fact bestsellers focus on one main topic. Focus on one topic then write each chapter to support that subject. When you overload your reader with information, you come across as disorganized, wordy and flat. Instead of including everything you know, stick to one how-to subject and include plenty of simple details with examples to make it useful to your reader.

3. Ebook Secret Three. Brand yourself, your business and your book. Think about the greatest benefit that you offer through your book or service. Consider your book and chapter titles. Now think about your keywords and headings on your website. Do you see a repeating word that stands out? For example, the book “Win With the Writer Inside You” the author threads some form of “win” throughout her materials. Ever heard of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series? The title changes in its audience but the Chicken Soup brand stays the same. For example, there’s a Chicken Soup for Teen-agers, Chicken Soup for Mothers, and so on.

4. Ebook Secret Four. Get a professional editor and/or book coach. Yes, its o.k. and you should get feedback from family, friends, local writing group, etc. But you need to get a professional viewpoint of your work to weed out the passive voice, bad grammar and all the things that slow your readers down to a standstill. Copy that appeals to the emotions of your reader sell your books. Your future customers want word pictures that they can respond to with their emotions.

5. Ebook Secret Five. Target and get to know your audience. Let’s face it not everyone will want to read your book. Most newbie authors think up what they feel is a great product; spend tons of time and sometimes money looking for people to buy it. Instead match your expert knowledge with an audience you can serve. Consider their needs, problems and how you can help solve them. Business people are a hot audience right now. They are hungry and willing to buy what will improve, make profitable their life and business. Right now think of one to three preferred audiences in your area of expertise. Then write the book your customers will be looking for.

Make Money Writing e Books from Home

6. Secret Six. Automate your business. Don’t get frustrated if you are a non-techie, like me. You can do it. Take your time or at least decide to learn at your own pace. Years ago, the author knew very little about the internet now she owns many websites. She has published 5 inspirational e-books and several on internet marketing and e-book writing/publishing at the time of this writing.

Write your e-book quickly but offer a quality product. Aim to give your customer more than they have asked. Market your book on your site, on the site of others, everywhere basically. A good place to start is eBay or Booklocker. Don’t forget to offer your e-book for sale through an 800 number. Ureach is an excellent service 888-506-7790. Setup a download link for people to access your product. Consider Paypal, Clickbank and/or 2Checkout and/or your own merchant account for offline purchases to offer your customer choices. They will reward you by choosing one.

Whenever you are ready, think delegation, delegate some of your work to a computer assistant. For some perfectionist (not me) delegation may sound like a dirty word. Contact your local high schools and technical schools where bright techies live. The expense is low in comparison to the results you can gain.

7. Secret Seven. Sizzle Your Title. Your title may well be 90% of the pulling power for your book. An excellent title is short. The top titles are benefit driven. Don’t forget to heat them up with emotion. Use terms your audience can relate to. Use action words and verbs. Quantify change with ways and time limits. Use one or two word ideas to tell a story. Pledge change. Spark interest. Instead of “How to Write an E-book” the author chose the title “Ten Secrets to Write Your E-book Like a Winner.” She quantified change, sparked interest and branded her title.
Have a meeting of the minds with friends or associates. Let them help you choose the best title from the list. Find out which will make them pull out $15-20 or more to buy your book.

8. Secret Eight. Leverage Your Sales Potential. Think for a moment about the valuable knowledge that you have packed into your e-book at $20 a sale. Remember the principle “Divide and conquer” Web users love chunks of information. To leverage your sales conquer and divide your e-book into an e-course. With minor revisions, you can set your book up as a how-to course or mini-course. In the e-course format you can double your price and up. Don’t forget to bundle several lower cost e-books and offer a discount. At one of the author’s sites she sells 2 e-books for 20.00 separately, bundled she sells them for $30.00

9. Secret Nine. Add bonus value to your e-book. When you add bonus value (2-4 how-to lists, articles, special reports, sample chapter or mini-course) at the end of your e-book document, you increase its value. Many (author included) will buy for the bonuses alone. Most people love bargains and valuable free stuff. Everyone is looking for original but useful information. Implement this secret of bonuses and watch your subscriber rate and sales go up.

10. Secret Ten. Market before, while and after you write. Most writers want to avoid marketing. I overheard a writer saying, “I wrote the book. Why should I have to market it too?” Whine, whine…No really as you know marketing can be hard work. From my marketing friend Judy Cullins there are seven hot selling points that will make it much easier: Put marketing into each chapter title, each chapter’s questions you will answer, rough draft of e-book’s back cover (sales letter), the one-minute tell and sell, targeting your audience, thesis, and table of contents. You can implement these before you write a single chapter.

It’s faster to write an e-book if you know how. People surf the net daily looking for practical information and knowledge that you have. Don’t let your ideas, knowledge and expertise fade away. Put it to work for you in an e-book. Remember, if you need help contact a professional book coach or take an e-course to inform yourself.


© Earma Brown, 16 year author and business owner
helps small business owners and writers who want to write their best book now! Author of “Write Your Best Book Now”, she mentors other writers and business professionals through her monthly ezine “iScribe” at http://www.writetowin.orgSubscribe now at

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

When you read a Blog or Website have you noticed the Google adverts on them?

How would you like those Google ads to be making you money?

How to earn money online with your Blog or Website

If you join Google Adsense then you can collect a percentage of the revenue generated from these ads.
So why not create your own Google Blog and start writing posts, adding photographs, videos and links. 

Once you are happy with your creation and it has been up and running for a few weeks you can then apply to join Google Adsense as an affiliate.

Targeted Google ads are designed to appear on your Blog in a way that they will only be connected to the subject you write about. 

This way the Blog looks good and you have a better chance of readers clicking on the ads. With Google Adsense you get paid when the reader clicks on the advert whether they buy something or not. 

Already an Affiliate

If you already have a Google Adsense account then you can use the Google Adsense Gadget on your Blog immediately. There is no need to apply again to display your ads on the Blog. Google will have your Adsense Affiliate ID on file and will allow you to add the advertisements gadget instantly.  

This Blog Tutorial explains how to add Amazon Adverts to your blog to earn more money online

This post you are reading now is on my blog hosted by  It is free to create and run.

If you want to create your own then read this article by clicking on the link below.

I give step by step instructions on how to achieve this and also have videos to help you along.

Click the link below

How to create a free blog that earns you money online
One of my blogs that earns money online 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Writing Articles Online To Earn Money from Home

One of the best ways to make money online

This type of freelance writing job will take time though.  

Earning money from Google Adsense ads and Amazon will be slow at first.  

If you keep writing and give your articles time to mature then you can see your writing earning you a few hundred dollars a month.  

The first step is to join a writing site.  

This will give you the platform to start from.  Here you will have all the free software and advice you need.   

On this writing site |Hubpages, you can publish an article, short story or poem. It has to be at least three hundred words but can be as long as you like. Once you have opened a free account on this writing site then you can publish your writing online and earn money.

You can include links, photos, videos, and all the text you like. The software is easy to use and all free. The way I write my articles is to write the text on a Microsoft word document.  

Once I am happy with the layout, spelling and grammar then I go to the button on my account that reads start a new hub’ and fill in the Url and heading. 
Then I upload my text.  

After that I add photos, links and You Tube videos to the article. I also make sure to fill in the summary and tags so the article is good to go for Search Engine Optimisation. 

When this is all done I click on the ‘Publish Now’ button.  Now my article is there on the internet for all to read. 

All this takes time to get right and complete. But most worthwhile things do. Now that it is published on HubPages it will continue to earn you money for years to come. 

Now you will not be able to get every single article you write to become an internet success.  You could write an article that you are sure will be the one that goes viral and is a great earner.  It does happen but it also can be that your article is not getting many readers and is way down on the search engine pages.

Do not be discouraged.  There a many reasons for this and most of them are fixable.  Know your SEO, your niche markets and what topics are working for you.  

You must have a very good knowledge of grammar and spelling and the ability to engage your reader in your topic. 

If some articles are not earning you money then try to rewrite or change the title.  Edit it again and add more information.  I would not recommend that you unpublish it because you will lose the SEO and backlinks you already have on it. 

On this writing site you can click on the ‘Edit’ button and make your changes, then you just have to press ‘Save’ 

Knowledge is power

What if you are still having problems with your articles? This writing site has a great community of writers who are always willing to help new people. 

You can read their excellent articles on how to optimise your chances of writing the perfect article online.

You can learn so much here by studying these methods that you can become an expert at writing articles.  

When you know what is the correct format and style for the best Search Engine Optimization you will start to make money writing online! 

HubPages and its writers share their knowledge to give you the best chance of making money by writing online.

Help from other writers on HubPages

HubPages also provides ways for writers to enjoy social interaction with other writers online. There are help forums for all those little things that you have a problem with while publishing your article.

There are also educational forums where more experienced writers give advice and constructive criticism if asked. You can read other articles, become friends with other members and leave comments about their articles too.

Competitions with cash prizes for writers on HubPages

The HubPages Writing Site also holds regular free writing competitions with cash prizes. These competitions are held every three months and money can be won every day of the competition that lasts for a full month.

There are also weekly cash prizes and the grand final cash prize at the end of the writing competition. All writing competitions on HubPages are FREE. In June the Recipe writing competition starts.  

They have their own forums and writing community. Writers can decide who they want to follow on the site with friendships and professional relationship developing. 

Writers are able to read each others work and make comments on it.

There is also excellent advice from the staff in the ‘Help Pages’.  There are free tutorials on navigating the site so you can add photos, videos and links to your text so that you create the best article possible.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Best Ways To Earn Money Writing Online

Write Articles on a Reputable Writing site like HubPages
 Free to join.
You write the articles on web pages provided by HubPages.
Payments: Once you are approved by Google Adsense and Amazon then you will share the advertising revenue with HubPages.
Your code is shown on the adverts on your articles 60% of the time. HubPages code the other 40%.
You get paid once a month and must meet the payment threshold. If not your earnings are kept over to the following month.
They are: $100 in USA, €70 Europe and £50 in UK

 Tips to earn money on this site:
 Articles should be at least 700 words but 1000 to 1500 are better
Use all the modules that are provided free to make your article stand out
Add a comments box, photos, videos, links or polls
At least 3 photos and 3 videos are recommended.
Before you start to write articles here go to the excellent free tutorials provided and learn the best way to write headings and other tips.  This will be well worth the time invested.
You get paid by Google Adsense when a reader clicks on one of the adverts on your article page.  They do not have to buy or join anything for you to be paid.
You get paid by Amazon when a reader clicks on an advert and buys a product.
For the first 9 sales it is 4%.  After that you get 6% but this excludes all electrical goods which stay at 4%.  

Write a Blog
 Free to create and set up. I use
It is so easy to write and set up.  It is also owned by Google and you get an advantage in the search results because of it. Payments:
You can add your Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate codes to your adverts here.  The adverts reflect what your blog is about so once you get readers then you have a targeted audience for the ads.
Because you are not using a writing site like HubPages, Squido etc you get to keep all the advertising revenue as your code is shown 100% of the time.

 Tips to earn money writing blogs:  

One blog for one subject you write about. This is so important.
You can create as many free blogs as you like so this is not a problem.
Spend time making the blog look professional by using the templates and other add ons available.
Keep the blog up to date and try to write a blog post at least 3 times a week but more if you can.

Write an eBook
This is free to create but does take time.
The best non fiction eBook to write is a ‘How to’ on anything subject.
The subject will depend on your knowledge and research capabilities.
I am writing a recipe eBook at the moment.
 Fiction eBooks take longer to earn money but there have been a few great successes notably the Fifty Shades of Grey series.  These books have earned the author millions of dollars and still are.  The first book started out as an eBook and then a monster was born lol.

You get paid for each eBook sold a certain percentage depending on which payment structure you use.

Tips to earn money writing eBooks online 
Research your subject if writing a non fiction book.
Use easy to understand step by step instructions.
If you promise to show how to do or make something then that is what you should do.
You will have a few near misses and may have spent hours writing on a subject you were sure would be popular and earn you money online.  If the first few eBooks do not sell well then do not give up.
Learn from it and carry on with the next one.

Follow the Terms and Conditions on each site
Follow the rules of each writing site or you will take the risk of being banned and lose your payments due.  The same applies to the affiliate programs of Google Adsense and Amazon.  Take the time to read the Terms and Conditions then you will be able to write online and earn money every month with confidence.

The best ways to earn money online for me is writing
Writing online to earn money can be done very successfully.  But if you want to earn a good steady income then you have to put in the work and be patient.

This is not a quick rich scheme.  So don’t get fed up after a few months writing online if you are not earning 100’s of dollars a month.
You can earn that much and more but you have to put in the work.  It does take time but once you have a good portfolio of articles and fiction online then you can earn from different types of writing on many sites.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ways to Make Money Online with Google Translator Toolbar

Are you a writer of blogs, articles and shorts stories?  

Do you have the Google Translator Toolbar on your websites and Blogs?
Translate Toolbar with drop down menu visible.  Click to enlarge

If the answer is no then you are limiting your earning potential because your blog posts, articles, short stories etc will only be available in your own language!

If you look to the right here on this blog you will see that I have the toolbar there up front.  Anyone who does not speak or read English as their first language can easily translate this article into any of the 64 different languages available. 

 All they have to do is click on the arrow and a drop down menu appears.  Then click the one they want and this article you are reading now will instantly be translated. 

Give your readers what they want and they will follow and return to your blog again and again. 

You want to attract as many readers to your blog as possible and once there you can now make it easy for them to read and understand.  Add the Google Translate Toolbar  and give then easier access to your writing.

Yes I know millions of people all over the world can read and understand English.  But it would be so much easier for your readers who do not have English as their first  language to read and follow your blog.  

The HTML to add the Google Translate Toolbar to your Blogs and Websites.

Right this will not allow me to paste the HTML in full because it is automatically turning it into the Toolbar.  To get it you can click on the link below and move down the article it is there in full for you to copy and paste.

Sorry about that, bit of a nuisance but can not be helped.

But when you do copy and paste into your HTML icon and you have changed your Blog so that it can be read in 64 different languages!

Do you use to write online?

  • If you do then all you have to do is 
  • Go to 'Add a gadget'
  • Scroll down to 'Translate'
  • Click 'Save'

It is done, you have just added the toolbar to your Google Blog..  

If you want to read more about the advantages and other ways to use Google Translator Toolbar Download then click the link below

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Create a Blog like this one and earn money writing online

You can create a Blog just like this one you are reading for Free!

You can also earn money from your blog posts from Google Adsense.  

Sound too easy?

No it is not easy but it is not hard either!

I have written an article here that will show you step by step how to create and maintain a Google Blog like this one Free!

Ok you have created a blog. What next how are you going to make any money from it?

Once you know how to set up one of these blogs then I show you how to sign up free to both Google Adsense and Amazon as affiliates.

How to join Google Adsense and Amazon

If you are interested in making money online from blogging then the information is also in this article.

It will take time and some work on your part but when the money starts to be paid to you by Google Adsense then it is worth it

Click this link below to read

Ways to earn money online from Google Adsense 

How to Get Paid To Write Online with Blogs, Websites and Articles: Get Readers to Click on your Google Ads To Earn Money

You may have written a great article online or a very witty blog post but if no one can find it you will not make any money.

There are lots of good ways to get targetted traffic to your websites and blogs but I have discovered a very quick and free way to reach more targeted readers.

These readers will already be interested in the subject you are writing about. This will give you a much better chance that these readers will want to study the subject even more or buy a product.

This is where you start to earn money from your writing of articles and blog posts. They will click on Google or Amazon ads.

This is certainly NOT spam. You join specific groups on Facebook in the area you are interested in. You interact with them and share views and articles. For more info read this article here.