Saturday, March 25, 2017

How To Write Articles Online

Ideas for Writing Articles Online

Write about your passion or hobby in short five hundred word articles.
If you are good at explaining how things work then write it down in an article.
Do you have a particular interest that you know lots about? Computers, dogs, recipes, gardening, household do-it-yourself, celebrities etc, the list is endless.

 Earn Money Writing Articles

The articles do not have to be too long. In fact most people looking for an answer on the internet do not have the time to read a long winded article on how to change a fuse, grow tomatoes or draw a tree etc.
What they would like is a short written explanation or answer and lots of photos and videos that gives them what they are looking for.


I would recommend where possible to take your own photos that would go with the article.
If you are writing about how to grow tomatoes in a container and you can show that you have in fact done this successfully yourself you will keep the reader on your page.

By uploading your own photos the reader will believe you know exactly what you are talking about by seeing the successful outcome for themselves by looking at your photos.

Earn Money Online

Why not have a go and write an article today.


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