Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Writing Articles Online To Earn Money from Home

One of the best ways to make money online

This type of freelance writing job will take time though.  

Earning money from Google Adsense ads and Amazon will be slow at first.  

If you keep writing and give your articles time to mature then you can see your writing earning you a few hundred dollars a month.  

The first step is to join a writing site.  

This will give you the platform to start from.  Here you will have all the free software and advice you need.   

On this writing site |Hubpages, you can publish an article, short story or poem. It has to be at least three hundred words but can be as long as you like. Once you have opened a free account on this writing site then you can publish your writing online and earn money.

You can include links, photos, videos, and all the text you like. The software is easy to use and all free. The way I write my articles is to write the text on a Microsoft word document.  

Once I am happy with the layout, spelling and grammar then I go to the button on my account that reads start a new hub’ and fill in the Url and heading. 
Then I upload my text.  

After that I add photos, links and You Tube videos to the article. I also make sure to fill in the summary and tags so the article is good to go for Search Engine Optimisation. 

When this is all done I click on the ‘Publish Now’ button.  Now my article is there on the internet for all to read. 

All this takes time to get right and complete. But most worthwhile things do. Now that it is published on HubPages it will continue to earn you money for years to come. 

Now you will not be able to get every single article you write to become an internet success.  You could write an article that you are sure will be the one that goes viral and is a great earner.  It does happen but it also can be that your article is not getting many readers and is way down on the search engine pages.

Do not be discouraged.  There a many reasons for this and most of them are fixable.  Know your SEO, your niche markets and what topics are working for you.  

You must have a very good knowledge of grammar and spelling and the ability to engage your reader in your topic. 

If some articles are not earning you money then try to rewrite or change the title.  Edit it again and add more information.  I would not recommend that you unpublish it because you will lose the SEO and backlinks you already have on it. 

On this writing site you can click on the ‘Edit’ button and make your changes, then you just have to press ‘Save’ 

Knowledge is power

What if you are still having problems with your articles? This writing site has a great community of writers who are always willing to help new people. 

You can read their excellent articles on how to optimise your chances of writing the perfect article online.

You can learn so much here by studying these methods that you can become an expert at writing articles.  

When you know what is the correct format and style for the best Search Engine Optimization you will start to make money writing online! 

HubPages and its writers share their knowledge to give you the best chance of making money by writing online.

Help from other writers on HubPages

HubPages also provides ways for writers to enjoy social interaction with other writers online. There are help forums for all those little things that you have a problem with while publishing your article.

There are also educational forums where more experienced writers give advice and constructive criticism if asked. You can read other articles, become friends with other members and leave comments about their articles too.

Competitions with cash prizes for writers on HubPages

The HubPages Writing Site also holds regular free writing competitions with cash prizes. These competitions are held every three months and money can be won every day of the competition that lasts for a full month.

There are also weekly cash prizes and the grand final cash prize at the end of the writing competition. All writing competitions on HubPages are FREE. In June the Recipe writing competition starts.  

They have their own forums and writing community. Writers can decide who they want to follow on the site with friendships and professional relationship developing. 

Writers are able to read each others work and make comments on it.

There is also excellent advice from the staff in the ‘Help Pages’.  There are free tutorials on navigating the site so you can add photos, videos and links to your text so that you create the best article possible.


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