Sunday, February 5, 2012

Create a Blog like this one and earn money writing online

You can create a Blog just like this one you are reading for Free!

You can also earn money from your blog posts from Google Adsense.  

Sound too easy?

No it is not easy but it is not hard either!

I have written an article here that will show you step by step how to create and maintain a Google Blog like this one Free!

Ok you have created a blog. What next how are you going to make any money from it?

Once you know how to set up one of these blogs then I show you how to sign up free to both Google Adsense and Amazon as affiliates.

How to join Google Adsense and Amazon

If you are interested in making money online from blogging then the information is also in this article.

It will take time and some work on your part but when the money starts to be paid to you by Google Adsense then it is worth it

Click this link below to read

Ways to earn money online from Google Adsense 

How to Get Paid To Write Online with Blogs, Websites and Articles: Get Readers to Click on your Google Ads To Earn Money

You may have written a great article online or a very witty blog post but if no one can find it you will not make any money.

There are lots of good ways to get targetted traffic to your websites and blogs but I have discovered a very quick and free way to reach more targeted readers.

These readers will already be interested in the subject you are writing about. This will give you a much better chance that these readers will want to study the subject even more or buy a product.

This is where you start to earn money from your writing of articles and blog posts. They will click on Google or Amazon ads.

This is certainly NOT spam. You join specific groups on Facebook in the area you are interested in. You interact with them and share views and articles. For more info read this article here.